Is this Delightful or a Delightful Disaster…

 Jack of all trades, Master of none. That, I would say is the easiest way to introduce myself to you. I can do a little bit of everything, but not really perfect anything. As I set out on my latest mission in life, to better my hand at the daily doings of creative life, I hope you find something useful, a little bit of delight, enormous entertainment and a breath of fresh air.

It is difficult to sum up my site, but in order to create some clarity to why you are here, I think this is the best explanation. To start off, I am not a reviewer I am just the guinea pig for others’ designs, creations and inventions. I have a lot of enthusiasm when I see the creations of others, and in my mind it looks easy and of course, I can do it. Please keep in mind that it is only what my mind tells me. My hands and my brain are in complete opposites of the galaxy. Things do not come that easy to the practical side of life. What others make to look like a master piece I can turn into a fiasco.

I will however attempt the ideas and creations of others, I will run head first into any project or opportunity and you are the lucky (or unlucky) ones to see my attempts. There will be moments where my efforts will end with a cup of tea and a smirk, and others where it would be advised for you to close your ears as I pop a bottle of wine and sulk for the next couple of days.

Some I hope will be delightful and others, as by previous experience will be a disaster. You can be the judge. Feel free to try some of the things yourself and with my blessing, share my failures with your friends and family, we all need a good laugh every now and then.

You are more than welcome to stroll over to the ‘what do you think?’ page and leave me a note if there is a project you want me to screw up, attempt, or just to try out the latest craze that hit the scene.

I have to warn you, there are no filters on the site. Videos are unedited and as I mentioned before, my hands do not always remember to beep out all the naughty words what my mind so easily spits out.