Is that a stain?

That stain smells funny.

To me washing and cleaning should be easy. Take it, put it in the washing machine, add soap and there you have it, clean things. Yeah, being easy was too much to ask, for life handed me children. I know I had something to do with it, but I still blame life for most of it.

According to all the posts on the internet, there are thousands of ways to remove a stain, sure, if you are anyone else but me. I used toothpaste to clean my sneakers, and the sole was spotlessly clean, but now I have white spots on the material (which by the way, never came out).

When the children come home after a camp or a normal stroll down the street, I do not question the stains, I learned that there are things mothers do not need to know. Where they got the stain and what it is from, is one of them. With clothing item spread open on the kitchen table, me gloved-up up to my neck, and every chemical in the house in front of me, I set out to rid the piece of clothing of the questionable stain.

As on some of the other pages, I feel the need to warn you, clothing was hurt in the making of this page.