Beauty or Beast

Oh what a beautiful Beast!!!

As with most women, I also have a little princess inside of me, ready to play at any opportunity of a tea party arising. I do however have no idea on what to plaster on my face to at least give the impression that my make up was applied by a grown woman and not the resident chimpanzee in my bathroom.

On the odd occasion that I magically manage to put on a descent eye, there is always that dreadful trap, the other eye. How in heaven’s name do you expect me to do the magic twice?

My educators for this page has become the 13 year old girls on You Tube. They were born with the knowledge on how to flawlessly blend foundation and to draw the straightest of eye liners. From 13 to 30 in 0 to 2 hours. When I feel like wasting my day, or have more than 15 min to spare, my ridiculous attempts will be on display for you to enjoy.

Keep in mind, that if it isn’t in my vanity, I hopefully don’t have to buy it. I can always use crayons and sharpies if push comes to shove and if I really have to, I should probably try one of those ‘make it at home’ products and hope it doesn’t eat my face off.