Decor or disaster

It’s not broken it’s my latest design.

D├ęcor magazines and website are the death of me. I want almost everything in it, but I will never be able to bring myself to the point to pay that price. So, there I am trying my utmost best with my last bit of sanity and integrity to make the item that took a team of designers to craft.

I fail at drawing a stickman, but that will not stop me from trying to paint the Mona Lisa. Where most people will draw up plans, study the materials to be used, and learn about techniques, I wing it. What is the worst that can happen? Well, everything and anything can happen. Out of the hundreds of projects I have attempted, I think only a handful of them were safe enough to be presented to the public, may I add, I never mentioned it was made by me, for those people will never speak to me again.

I might to be the craftiest, but I do enjoy the process of making something. Only up to the point where I realise there is no way of fixing it.