Clutter Crazy

Don’t just shove it in…make it fit.

I think I might have a little bit of undercover OCD when it comes to things being in its place. It has to be in place, it just has to. Unfortunately not every drawer, cupboard or closet comes standard with dividers and individual holders for whatever it is I feel the need to keep separated from each other. Can you imagine the eternal devastation that will happen if they touch.

In a house haunted by our two teenagers, who are operating on their own stubborn free will, not all the lids make its way to the lid section of the cupboard, and I spend the next 10 min looking for something to cover the pot. The screaming and unheard treats afterwards carry on for about another hour before I realise I will never win this battle.

Here is to me never giving up, never admitting it is a lost cause and hoping that someday they will wake up and just know that all the labels and colour coordinated boxes are there for a reason, my sanity.